SomeTypes of Wood We Offer

Australian Cypress

 Red Oak Plank 


Mountain Grade White Oak

Red Oak

Red Oak Stairs and Treads

Beautiful grain and patterns

in each board

Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian Cherry

 White Oak 

White Oak with Walnut Feature Strip

Hickory with Walnut Feature Strip

Oak Parquet



In today's global market we can buy and install most any type of wood available. Exotic and reclaimed woods are gaining popularity. Give us a call and find out how to bring a world of beauty into your home.                                                                         Call for your free estimate  208.669.0653

The Products We Use

Swedish Finishes

Swedish Finishes are superior to other coatings, in that they cure extremely hard, while keeping elasticity. They do not become brittle and discolor only minimally, over time. Each coat bonds to the previous which eliminates flaking, chipping or peeling. Swedish Finish resins penetrate the wood fibers deeper than waterbased finishes. This allows for a rich three dimensional appearance and superior protection. This product is available in Gloss, Semi Gloss, Satin and Matte.

For 50 years, Swedish formulated Gold Seal Finishes have been the benchmark of excellence that no other finish has matched. The Gold Seal System provides a unique combination of durability, scratch and scuff resistance, clarity, and grain definition. The Gold Seal System also provides unsurpassed beauty by bringing out the natural colors of your wood floor.

Are Glitsa Swedish Finishes legal?

Yes. Swedish finishes are categorized as Conversion Varnishes and are compliant in every state. Specific counties in Virginia do have more stringent VOC limits for wood floor finishes, making Glitsa’s conversion varnishes (Swedish Finishes) available for sale in quart containers only. Likewise in Southern California, where Swedish Finishes were only available in quart containers until July of 2006.

Glitsa has formaldehyde. Isn’t formaldehyde bad for you?

First of all, you may be surprised to know that many foods and everyday household items contain formaldehyde: lipstick, toothpaste, soft drinks, apples, smoked foods, shampoo, kitchen cabinets, press board, laminates, carpeting, wine, beer, cigarette smoke, paper towels, draperies, permanent-press clothes, and fingernail polish. The largest producer of formaldehyde, more than any man-made product, is Mother Nature! Formaldehyde is a natural byproduct of incomplete combustion (smoke), fermentation (alcohol), and other naturally occurring chemical reactions (metabolic processes). That said, yes – formaldehyde is bad for you if inhaled in significant quantities. However, as with these other examples, the trace amounts of formaldehyde present in Swedish Finish after the finish has completely hardened are so minute that no physical side effects take place. When the finish is fully cured, no amounts of formaldehyde have been detected.